Thursday, March 17, 2011


"Madhaka and his team said what is happening now is just a tip of
aniceberg and the MDCT leadership should start erecting a refugee camp
for their supporters because they won't allow them to stay in
Mberengwa,"Moyo said.

The meeting was chaired by Peter Hove a village head and a Zanu PF
chairperson for Mataruse Ward B One.

Moyo also accused Chief John Bhera-Mataruse of working with the war
veterans and Zanu PF supporters to harass MDCT members. "We have Chief
Mataruse a known Zanu (PF) activist who gives these war veterans the
green light to harass our members."

Last month, several MDCT supporters fled their homes in Murongwe area
in the same district after another team of war veterans led by one
Retired Major Shava raided their homes for boycotting a Zanu PF rally.

When contacted recently over Mberengwa violence, Zanu PF spokesperson
Rugare Gumbo who is also a former legislator for Mberengwa East
constituency accused MDCT of tarnishing the image of his party.

"These people just want to continue tarnishing the image of Zanu
PF.Mberengwa is my home area and recently I personally engaged our
supporters there not to get involved inany form of violence,".

Qouted Daily News

Forward Ever Backward Never

Sir Shephard Dube

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MDC Youth Assembly Secretary General
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