Sunday, March 20, 2011

Police have disrupted MDC Chitungwiza Rally & beat up supporters including Deputy Organising Secretary Paul Linos Mushonga

"Its official Zimbabwe is now a police state! The Zimbabwe Republic Police have violently disrupted an MDC rally that was scheduled for Area L in Chitungwiza. The police carrying live ammunition have fatally assaulted MDC supporters and badly injury the National Organising Secretary of MDC, Cde Linos Hitler Mushonga.
Cdes, in light of this brutal treatment from the state against its citizens, what should we do? We have a vampire state which feed on its young ones" Said Bulawayo secretary for information and publicity

"We are at Makoni Police station where they want to keep Mushonga." said MDC youth assembly secretary general Descent Bajila

Fellow Zimbabweans today we ask this question : What is the way forward for Zimbabwe ? 

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MDC Youth Assembly Secretary General

MDC Youth Assembly Secretary General
MP candidate for Matopo South