Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hon Mzila Ndlovu must be released

So much is rung out of us by the ZANU PF rigime but as MDC YOUTH
ASSEMBLY we have absteined from violence and we continue to uphold
principles of non violence and non discrimination. The arrest of Hon
Moses Mzila Ndlovu MDC Deputy Secretary General has left us with no
choice but to embark in a mass nation wide protest if he is not
released by Monday.
Mhlonitshwa Shephard Dube
NATIONAL Healing and Reconciliation Minister Moses Mzila-Ndlovu and a
Catholic priest were arrested on Friday for attending a memorial
service for victims of the 1980s Matabeleland genocide in Lupane.
Ndlovu and Father Marko Mabutho Mnkandla, who presided over
Wednesday's ceremony, are charged with "undermining police authority",
which as the MDCYA believe is nothing more than one of Mugabe's human
rights deprivement.
Zanu PF's tactics of terror will not reward this time around, this
will backfire and keep in mind that SADC which gave Mugabe legitimacy
after he lost the elections in 2008 no longer accepts any nonsense
from his regime.
"In times of universal deceit rightiousness is seen as a revolutionary
act." Hon Moses Mzila Ndlovu must walk free !!!!!!!!

Forward Ever Backward Never
Shephard Dube
+27 83 969 5731

We demand the release of Hon Moses Mzila Ndlovu by Monday if not, we will embark in a nation wide massive protests.

Addressing a media conference in Bulawayo  on Saturday morning Descent
Bajila, the MDC Youth Assembly secretary general said they were
closely following Mzila- Ndlovu's case and if  he is not released by
Monday they will visit all police stations around the country to stage

 " If they don't  release him after the weekend we are going to embark
on massive  protests countrywide whereby all MDC Youths  will visit
every and each police station and also ask to be arrested in
solidarity  with Minister Mzila- Ndlovu, " said Bajila.

Bajila said they were shocked that Mzila-Ndlovu was arrested for
addressing and organising a Gukurahundi prayer meeting which is part
of his job as the National Healing Minister.

"Mzila-Ndlovu was doing his job and we are shocked why they arrested
him. The MDC appointed him on that position to work hard and his
duties included tackling the Gukurahundi issue. You can't talk about
national healing without talking about Gukurahundi massacres," the MDC
youth leader added.
Mzila Ndlovu is being held in the same camp with Roman Catholic priest
Father Marko Mabutho Mkandla who was arrested on Wednesday evening
after organising a mass to honour the victims of the Five Brigade.

In 1981, President Robert Mugabe sought the help of the North Koreans
to train a special and secretive army unit which he christened "
Gukurahundi."Its recruits came from the ranks of former Zanla
guerrillas from Tongogara Assembly Point. On its formation the then
Zapu leader Joshua Nkomo described the brigade as Mugabe,stribal and
personal army unit whose mission was to exterminate ethnic minorities
in Matabeleland and some parts of the Midlands provinces.

Human rights groups estimated that 20000 civillians were murdered by
the brigade under the command of a former Zanla cadre, Perrence Shiri
,now Zimbabwe's Air Marshall.

Source Bulawayo24

Forward Ever Backward Never
+27 83 969 5731

Shephard Dube

Thursday, April 14, 2011


The Acting Chairperson of MDCYA External/Dispora Province Cde Shephard Dube has left SA leading a delegation of 5 comrades to attend a Young People's Business Forum organised by Y-Entrepreneurship, an Institution whose lifetime commitment is dedicated towards the economic empowerment of young people.

speaking in a telephone interview upon his arrival in Savu Cde Dube said, 'we are grateful for the invitation by the Y-Entreprenuership to the MDCYA. This event confirms our existence as a movement and the International recognition that we have. We know the skills and the network we will forge here will benefit our cadres in a great deal'

MDCYA department of International Relations and External Affairs is on a vibrant drive of locating the role of MDCYA in the global Youth Movement as evidenced by the Institution being granted delegate status at the oncoming International Union of Socialist Youth Festival in July.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Long Live the Spirit of Cde Thembisile Chris Hani

MDC YOUTH ASSEMBLY APPLAUD Cde Chris Hani's work on the Heroes Month in South Africa.

MDC YOUTH ASSEMBLY has welcomed the 18th Anniversary in commemoration of the life and times of the former South African Communist Party [SACP] General Secretary, Cde
Thembisile Chris Hani.
Cde Chris was a generation of ANC, SACP Cadres and served under father Zimbabwe Joshua Nkomo in the 1967 Wankie war, Cde Chris and others took the struggle against
apartheid regime on their shoulders and solemnly declared that for them, it was FREEDOM or DEATH!

His killing by Janus Waluz on the morning of the 10th April 1993 nearly plunged
the South Africa into anarchy and unintended bloodshed. And it was the tenacious
intervention of the first democratic President Nelson Mandela.

Always we will remember him through his simple interpretation of
Marxist-Leninist tools of analysis that “Socialism has to be built here and now in the struggles of millions and millions of workers and the poor. Socialism, he
always said, is not built in a dream-world; it doesn’t belong to outer space, or
another time-zone. It has to be built here through collective efforts

Long live the spirit of Cde Thembisile Chris Hani.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

the contribution that the youth must make in the green revolution!

The Youth does not occupy a special place outside the social environment, it is very much part of the society, the past, the present and mostly the future.It mirrors the doings of the society within which it lives.
The youth constitute a representative of the future in the sense that the future of any society depends on the practical and spiritual moulding of the youth.The Youth should assimillate knowledge of all kinds.

NO revolution can be victorious without the effective education, organisation and mobilisation of the youth eg the French revolution 1789-99 a young man called Maximillien Robespierre the chief spokesman of the central government tried to translate the ideas of the Social Contract into practicality.Some people see it as a noble attempt to create a classless society based on Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood but it still serves as a basic model of the Center Left Wing politics.

Therefore let us combine our knowledge,radicalism, innovation!!


MDC Youth Assembly Secretary General

MDC Youth Assembly Secretary General
MP candidate for Matopo South