Friday, April 8, 2011

Long Live the Spirit of Cde Thembisile Chris Hani

MDC YOUTH ASSEMBLY APPLAUD Cde Chris Hani's work on the Heroes Month in South Africa.

MDC YOUTH ASSEMBLY has welcomed the 18th Anniversary in commemoration of the life and times of the former South African Communist Party [SACP] General Secretary, Cde
Thembisile Chris Hani.
Cde Chris was a generation of ANC, SACP Cadres and served under father Zimbabwe Joshua Nkomo in the 1967 Wankie war, Cde Chris and others took the struggle against
apartheid regime on their shoulders and solemnly declared that for them, it was FREEDOM or DEATH!

His killing by Janus Waluz on the morning of the 10th April 1993 nearly plunged
the South Africa into anarchy and unintended bloodshed. And it was the tenacious
intervention of the first democratic President Nelson Mandela.

Always we will remember him through his simple interpretation of
Marxist-Leninist tools of analysis that “Socialism has to be built here and now in the struggles of millions and millions of workers and the poor. Socialism, he
always said, is not built in a dream-world; it doesn’t belong to outer space, or
another time-zone. It has to be built here through collective efforts

Long live the spirit of Cde Thembisile Chris Hani.


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MDC Youth Assembly Secretary General
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