Monday, March 21, 2011

Gideon Mandaza MDC youth assembly National Chair says the youth could have kicked up the police in Chitungwiza.

Statement Realesed By MDC YOUTH ASSEMBLY National Chairperson Gideon Mandaza.

"Yesterday the police came and disrupted the Chitungwiza rally. Youths
were heavly present such that they could have reacted violently to the
police but they remained calm. Among those who had come for the rally
were women and children ++ the entire National Executive. My Question
is, Whats yout take on the stance taken by youths of remaining calm,
because this was just the beginning, more is coming ?"

One thing for sure is that youths were not happy

Forward Ever Backward Never

Sir Shephard Dube

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MDC Youth Assembly Secretary General

MDC Youth Assembly Secretary General
MP candidate for Matopo South