Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Result of legalising Zimbabweans in South Africa

Over 275 000 Zimbabweans applied for permits. 65 570 have been approved, 210 192 are still pending. 6 243 Zimbabweans returned their South African IDs. 45 555 returned their asylum documents. There where 16 960 incomplete applications. 28 044 had applied for passports, 15 066 applied using any other Zim documents but not passports. 17 596 applied with no documents at all and 32 662 are yet to apply passports.

It means that the Zimbabwean government should process 60 702 passports. Those of the 17 702 who applied with no documents will be sent an sms instructing them to go and apply for Zimbabwean documents at the consulate. The Zimbabwean government will produce 10 000 passports per month.

The Home Affairs is to send forms to those 6 243 who surrendered their IDs. The idea is to link the permit number to the South African I'D number so that banks will be able to know that the person on the RSA I'd and on the Zimbabwean is the same. This will enable people not to lose their bank accounts and properties. Discussions are on going.
The information is provided by Ngqabutho Dube as he is party of the delagation from MDC

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MDC Youth Assembly Secretary General
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