Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How youth has been used as a weapon of mass distruction in Zimbabwe by ZANU PF.

Following Independence in 1980, it was clear that Mugabe intended to create a one-party state in Zimbabwe.  Machinery was required to bring the population, which had no experience with democratic institutions, into line, and it became the Youth League's job to enforce support and stifle opposition. However, the party leadership decided that the Youth League, while a vital tool in the party arsenal, was not enough. A few months after Independence, therefore, the Youth Brigades movement was launched.

The stated purpose of the Youth Brigades was to create "politically conscious youth" who wished to participate in developing their newly independent country without necessarily joining the party. In reality, however, the Youth Brigades were simply a duplication of the party's Youth League.  Both participated in state violence against the opposition.  Thus, whether young Zimbabweans were part of the Youth Brigades or ZANU PF Youth League, they were doing the same thing – and, if one was a member of one, one was likely a member of both. 

Youth of Zimbabwe Forward ever Backward never !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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MDC Youth Assembly Secretary General
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