Thursday, February 17, 2011

Army generals fighting to succeed Mugabe as president of ZANU~PF !!! General Constatine Chiwenga, General Emmerson Mnangagwa, and General Solomon Mujuru are the questers for succession.

Emmerson Mnangagwa the current Minister of Defence has entrenched his
power since 1980 by making himself indispensable to Mugabe and well
known for his ruthlessness, he and his tightknight group of top
military and security officials in the shadowy joint operations
command allegedly directed the violence that reversed Mugabe's
stunning defeat in 2008.

The Mujuru faction, led by retired army general Solomon Mujuru has
been consistant on saying that they need a democratic and firm leader
like Solomon Mujuru. "It is very flabbergasting to hear someone from
ZANU PF claiming to be democratic" said the MDC youth assembly
secretary for international relation Cde Diliza Mangoye Dlamini.
General Chiwenga is the fast emerging in the succession race and he is
well known for his short tempered wife who wanted to beat Tsvangirai
  physically at a shopping mall in Harare in the 2008 pre~eletion campagn.
Diliza Mangoye said: "replacing Mugabe with any of the above mentioned
candidates is as good as recycling him. He will be fresher, stronger,
faster and accurate in his perpetual rule. And in addition he will be
having much more military experience".
Forward Ever Backward Never
Sir Shephard Dube

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MDC Youth Assembly Secretary General

MDC Youth Assembly Secretary General
MP candidate for Matopo South