Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The badly groomed Zimbabwean youths (Green Bombers)

Until five years ago, youth violence in Zimbabwe had been confined mostly to the electoral season.  After elections, youth ceased their violent ways and dissolved back into mainstream society. Even during elections, youth rarely had access to the kind of conventional weapons that the Green Bombers use today. Nor was their training so militaristic. 
Today, the violence of the Green Bombers is always in season. "Traitors" pay dearly.  Traitors are people who want democracy, who demand their rights and freedoms. No one should question the Third Chimurenga, the war of liberation by which the land previously expropriated by white colonialists is being seized. Zimbabweans should be grateful. They owe ZANU PF an eternal debt of gratitude for their liberation. Indeed, the party has not really changed from the guerilla movement it was 25 years ago. It still sounds and acts like an uncompromising, undemocratic guerilla force. In a speech President Mugabe gave on August 11, 2003, during the commemoration of heroes of the liberation struggle, he said: "Those who seek unity must not be our enemies.  No, we say to them they must repent…  They must first be together with us, speak the same language with us, walk alike and dream alike." And of course, failure to do so may well merit a visit from the Green Bombers. 

Forward Ever Backward Never

Sir Shephard Dube

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MDC Youth Assembly Secretary General

MDC Youth Assembly Secretary General
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