Saturday, January 22, 2011

MDC Youth Assembly response to Khupe’s attacks on Ncube

While every Zimbabwean should enjoy their right to freedom of speech, it is also important for those who stay in glass houses never to throw stones.

Recent rants by MDCT Deputy President... on the election of Prof Welshman Ncube to the Presidency of MDC are but a reflection of the extent to which ignorance is celebrated in Zimbabwe. While President Ncube was popularly elected by the twelve provinces of MDC in a transparent process that can only be disputed by those who were not part of it, Thoko pretends to be unaware of the process that made her Deputy President of her party.

The reality of the matter is that after the “super stars of Masvingo” namely Morgan Tsvangirai, the late Isaac Matongo, Nelson Chamisa, Obert Gutu, Elias Mudzuri, Lucia Matibenga and Eliphas Mukonoweshuro had decided on what they positions wanted, they then went in search of tokens that could appease the Ndebele people and “represent” women in the top six. The product of that search is none other than Ms. Thokozani Khupe. What form of national party will have a President, Chairman, Spokesperson, Organiser and Chairlady all from the same province by birth?

Her continued mention of her victory in Makokoba in 2008 is understood in the sense that beating President Ncube is the best she could achieve in her life. Unfortunately President Ncube is bigger than that. Even grade ones dream daily about the first day a star was put on their books ahead of the most intelligent student in class.

As democrats we are shocked that three years down the line, Khupe is still with reason to celebrate results of elections conducted using a constitution that even ZANU PF has agreed that it must be changed.

Even if it is true that the total number of people who voted against Khupe in 2008 is more than those who voted for her, it is difficult to have her understand how defective the process that made her Member of Parliament is. The difficulty stems from the fact that her party was formed on a belief that thirty one is greater than thirty three.

Khupe should be reminded that she is who ever she is because of flawed processes. She is MDCT Deputy President because of tribal hegemony, Makokoba MP because of a first past the post electoral system and a single mother due to defective affairs. She is nothing but just a pawn being used to satisfy egoistic agendas. No wonder why her rodent-infested Fast Climbers Restaurant was used as a venue for the undemocratic ousting of Lucia Matibenga from her position as Women’s Leader.

It is unfortunate that she does not realize that it is through President Ncube’s works that there is the Global Political Agreement. The same Global Political Agreement has made her Deputy Prime Minister and by extension given her access to a better salary using which she can purchase better makeup and face powders.

Khupe and her colleagues should know that the approximately five thousand delegates at City Sports Centre were not gathered for the purposes of a primary election for Makokoba constituency but rather to elect a National Party President and hence a candidate for the Presidential elections.

Be warned little pawn

Statement by Discent Bajila

Secretary General MDC Youth Assembly

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MDC Youth Assembly Secretary General

MDC Youth Assembly Secretary General
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